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Telephone answering service team

Telephone answering service

As a business owner, you know how important it is to make a good first impression with your customers. However, if you're struggling to keep up with incoming calls, it can be difficult to provide the level of customer service you want to. That's where a telephone answering service comes in.

By outsourcing your call answering needs to a team of professionals, you can improve customer satisfaction and ensure that every call is answered promptly and professionally. In this blog post, we'll explore how a telephone answering service can help small businesses improve their customer service and grow their bottom line.

The benefits of a telephone answering service

You can avoid any more missed business opportunities with the help of call answering services. Small businesses can struggle to answer every call, especially during peak hours or when they are short-staffed. A telephone answering service can ensure that all incoming calls are answered promptly and professionally, regardless of the time of day. This can prevent customers from experiencing long wait times, busy signals, or even having to leave a message.

By providing prompt and professional call answering services, small businesses can increase customer retention over time.

A telephone answering service can also free up valuable time for small business owners to focus on other important tasks, such as sales, marketing, and product development. This can ultimately lead to increased revenue and growth for the business.

Telephone answering service team

How a telephone answering service can help small businesses improve customer experience

We have professional personal assistants to answer your calls who are trained to provide excellent customer service. By utilising our call answering services, small businesses can ensure that every call is answered promptly and professionally. This can greatly improve customer care as clients will feel valued and heard. With a dedicated team to manage phone calls, businesses can focus on other important tasks and not worry about missing important calls. Plus, call answering services can also provide 24/7 support, which means businesses can be available to their customers at all times, even outside of regular business hours. Overall, a telephone answering service can be a game changer for small businesses looking to improve their business and overall brand image.

Why small businesses and larger companies are choosing
telephone answering services from PA2GO

The Different Types of Telephone Answering Services Available

If you are considering implementing a telephone answering service for your small business, it's important to understand the different types of services available. Here are some of the most common types of telephone answering services:

  • Live answering service: With a live answering service, a professional operator will answer all of your incoming calls and handle them according to your instructions. This service can be customized to fit your specific business needs, such as appointment scheduling, customer support, or lead generation.
  • Virtual receptionist: A virtual receptionist operates similarly to a live answering service, but the difference is that the service is provided remotely. Calls are forwarded to a professional receptionist who will answer and handle calls on behalf of your business. This type of service can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • Automated answering service: An automated answering service uses pre-recorded messages to handle incoming calls. The caller will be prompted to press a button to select the appropriate department or to leave a message. This service is often used for businesses that receive a high volume of calls, such as medical practices or insurance companies.
  • Call forwarding: Call forwarding is a simple and cost-effective solution that involves forwarding calls to another phone number. This can be a great option for businesses with a small staff that need to ensure that all calls are answered.

When selecting a telephone answering service, it's important to choose a service that fits your specific needs. Consider the volume of calls you receive, the nature of your business, and your budget when making your decision. By selecting the right service, you can ensure that your customers receive excellent service and improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Meet office manager Emma

Emma doesn't just take telephone calls, she strives to help each business grow

We are extremely proud to announce Emma as the new PA2GO manager.

Emma has a wealth of experience in team leadership and management within the workplace.

She leads the team to ensure each telephone call is answered professionally, accurately and with a smile.

With the PA2GO franchise expanding throughout the UK now, Emma is also leading the way in training and support for all the new franchisees who are apart of the ever-growing team.

Upbeat with a pasion for perfection, Emma is the face of PA2GO and proudly represents us Nationwide with our clients and franchisees alike.

With a zero tolerance for mistakes, Emma is the benchmark team member who we strive to ensure all our other Pa's set as an example.

Meet Patrick

Patrick prides himself on ensuring each and every call is dealt with to perfection ensuring consistency and professionalism with a can-do attitude, answering each call with a smile

Patrick has been working with PA2GO as our telephone answering service PA for some 3 years now and is now head of all our franchise support as well as assisting with new team member training.

As a hobby, Patrick is an amazing artist, creating some stunning design and sculptures, many of which have been brought into the office and impressed the team.

We are looking forward to many more years with Patrick at PA2GO and would welcome any conversations with him direct on your telephone answering service enquiries if you are thinking of using a call answering service such as ours.


Meet just a small selection of our PA2GO team

The PA2GO team is a group of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing an exceptional service.

With our "can do" attitude, we are always ready to tackle any task that comes our way. Whether it's answering calls or managing your account, we do it all with a smile on our faces.

Our commitment to excellence and our friendly demeanor make us the perfect team to handle all your administrative needs and telephone answering services.

We would love to meet you and welcome a visit to our stunning 'movie themed' offices where you can enjoy a hot tea or coffee and biscuits and get to see our jaw dropping surroundings and movie memorabilia.

PA2GO telephone answering service latest news and updates

See our offices

We take great pride in our calls we handle and have an obsession for details. This is also reflected in the stunning office environment we have created for our team which is located in stunning rural surrounds and occupies 2 floors.

The ground floor comprising of a state-of-the-art fitness studio for the PA2GO team, along with stunning meeting room facilities, with the 1st floor being our main office area where the team are based, split into 3 separate glass partitioned areas.

The office, designed by PA2GO founder 'Wesley Phillips' was created with a movie and sports theme throughout, capturing the magical 80s and modern film eras, spreading a positive and upbeat feel throughout the building with stunning lighting, state of the art computers and software, along with original movie memorabilia and artwork throughout the building.

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How it works

How PA2GO revolutionises the way you run your business

Getting started with us could not be simpler. The complete set up process is done same day and usually within an hour or so of your initial enquiry. Your PA will:

  • Answer all calls professionally in your company name
  • Send you an instant text message and email with details of the call (name, number, time, brief message)
  • Keep a log of all calls answered
  • Filter unwanted calls, leaving you free to concentrate on your business
  • Act as your professional front office, taking care of all your calls and ensuring you never miss a professional opportunity

How the process works:

  • 1
    Step 1

    Step 1

    We ask you to complete a simple online questionnaire which gives us all the data we require to set up your account. This will include things like, contact details, who to send the messages to, details about your products and services along with anything else to allow us to answer your calls like we are working in your office.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Step 2

    We can then either supply you with a local rate or freephone number to use, or we simply divert all your incoming calls from your existing phone to your PA in our office. This is done by supplying you with what's called a DDI number.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Step 3

    Each time a call comes into your DDI number, it will automatically pop up on your PA's screen, all the information about your company including, how you want your calls answered and all the other information we originally ask you for. We can even add notes here should you ask us to update any information or advise you are in meetings etc. There is complete flexibility to update and adjust your call options at any time at no extra cost.

  • 4
    Step 4

    Step 4

    During the call, we can either take a message, give our prices, book appointments and anything else a typical PA or receptionist would do if they were based in your own office. We can also patch/divert a call to you directly if you prefer.

  • 5
    Step 5

    Step 5

    Once the message is taken, we collate this into a brief text message and email, instantly pinging this across to you direct within seconds of taking the call.