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Inside the Nostalgia: A Tour of Our 80s Movie-Themed Workplace

Welcome to the world of PA2GO! Step into our offices and feel like you're in an 80s movie. From the movie-themed décor to the iconic memorabilia adorning the walls, our workspace is full of nostalgia from the 80s,90's and some modern-day movies. Join us on a tour of our movie-themed workplace and take a step back in time. You’ll get an inside look at our unique offices and find out why we love the 80s so much.

The Concept Behind Our 80s Movie-Themed Office

When designing our workplace, we wanted to create an atmosphere that was both fun and inspiring. What better way to achieve this than to draw inspiration from some of the greatest movies of the 80s? The 80s were a time of optimism, innovation, and creativity, and we wanted to capture that spirit in our office.

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We chose some of our favourite films from that era and designed each room around their themes and aesthetics. Our reception area features a neon-lit signs, original memorabilia signed by movie stars along with original posters from the cinemas in the 80s.

We believe that our workplace should be a place that energises and motivates us, and our 80s movie theme does just that. It brings a sense of nostalgia and excitement that reminds us of the possibilities that lie ahead. It's also a great conversation starter for visitors and clients, allowing us to showcase our personality and creativity.

Overall, our 80s movie-themed workplace is a testament to our commitment to creating an engaging and stimulating environment for ourselves and those who visit us. We believe that our workplace should be more than just a space to work in - it should be a source of inspiration and joy.

It's hard not to smile when walking into a meeting room inspired by our favourite childhood movies.

The attention to detail and dedication put into each themed room is a testament to our company's creativity and willingness to take risks. It's not often that a workplace encourages nostalgia, but we believe that it adds a personal touch and helps us connect with one another on a deeper level.