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A professional virtual PA
you can trust

No matter how much support your business needs, we have a range of highly qualified PA’s available to choose from.

Working with PA2GO helps you manage your budgets and time more effectively. Wherever you are in the world, we can work side-by-side to support your business and help it to flourish.

About our telephone


We ensure you never miss an important call with our telephone answering service. Not only do you get experienced and professional PA’s to manage all incoming calls, but you get an exclusive, free telephone number.

Our PA’s have spent years working in receptions, switchboards and front desk positions, so they always know how to represent your company.

Some of our telephone answering services include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Ensuring no calls missed
  • Message taking and call forwarding
  • Call details logged, and immediately passed on via email or text
  • 7 days free trial

What makes our offices and PA’s so fantastic?

Have a look inside the PA2GO office and see what sets us apart

PA2GO started off as a small single office and has since grown into a network which now extends to franchisees Nationwide.

The head office is set in stunning surrounding and is maliciously put together incorporating a fun upbeat movie theme throughout, capturing the magic of films and memorabilia throughout the years.

Our aim is to keep staff happy and looking forward to coming to work. We have full size pool table, table tennis, arcades, Life Fitness gym fully equipped and so much more. The list goes on. It is a simply jaw dropping experience visiting the office and we would welcome you to a visit and coffee.

telephone answering

See who is answering your calls

telephone answering

Our team of PA’s at PA2GO are hand picked for their bright upbeat personalities and positivity. We put all our team through stringent training process to ensure they know your business inside out and all teams are micromanaged by separate managers who oversea every single call and message to ensureconstant accuracy, detail and quality of call.

Want to see our prices?

Team Member

Want to see our prices?

When considering telephone answering services prices, there are several key factors that can affect the overall cost. It is important to understand these factors to make an informed decision and find the best solution for your business needs.

  • Call Volume: The number of calls your business receives will play a significant role in determining the cost of telephone answering services. PA2GO offer different pricing tiers based on call volume, so it's important to assess your average call volume and choose a plan that aligns with your needs.
  • Service Level: The level of service you require will also make a difference. Some businesses may only need basic call answering and message taking, while others may require additional services such as appointment scheduling or order processing.
  • Hours of Operation: The hours of operation you require for your telephone answering services will also influence the pricing.
  • Customisation and Integration: If you need customised scripts, call routing options, or integration with other systems, these additional features may come at a slightly extra cost.

By considering these key factors, you can better understand how our telephone answering services prices are determined and make a decision that aligns with your business needs and budget. #

We have many bespoke and ready-made plans to suit each and every business type. There is also a fantastic 7 days free trial of our services allowing you to ‘try before your buy’.

Fancy a free 7 days trial of our Telephone Answering Services?

We offer a completely free 7 days opportunity to try out our service and see for yourself how cost effective the service is and the benefits it will have for your business by ensuring you get a professional welcome to all your callers and a full log of all calls and messages to revert back to at any time including phone number, name, reason for call and so much more we can do including diary management and sales.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying.

Our team is made up of professionals from all types of backgrounds including legal receptionists, entrepreneurs, business owners and more.

We pride ourselves on the consistency of our call handling and we monitor each call to check quality each day.

A recent client of ours at a well-known Laser hair removal clinic instructed us to look after her calls for her business. The owner was often busy looking after treatments, so needed a professional company to represent her and book the appointments in. This has now resulted in the owner being able to grow her business over the last 2 years using our call answering service, employing additional staff and expanding the business.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Telephone Answering Service?

A telephone answering service is a company that answers your calls on behalf of your own company, in your own company name as if based in your own office.

Do you outsource your calls to other countries?

Absolutely not!!! We pride ourselves on keeping all our calls UK based as there is nothing more annoying when you call a company and have to struggle to understand what he or she is saying.

Will there be any delays when you take my calls? Will my callers detect and script reading?

Absolutely not. Your dedicated PA's are fully trained on your company and call answering script before any calls are taken. This way you can ensure that we fluently answer the phone in your company name and do not need to refer to any script reading during the call.

I need more than a basic message taken, can you do this?

Yes, we can take as much or as little information as you like from your callers. We can even give out prices and any other information on your behalf. We can also take orders for you, make outbound calls to your suppliers and much more.

What are your prices?

We offer a free 7 days trial of our services, but we are also able to email across a PDF brochure with a full breakdown of prices and services. Please send your request to or call us direct on 0330 2234 886.

I have a couple of business numbers - can I divert both of them?

Yes. You can divert as many different numbers to us as you like. If you want any of these numbers answered in a different company name to a previous one you have diverted to us then we would then need to issue you with a new ddi number to divert this too ( free of charge ). This way we know exactly what company is receiving the calls as they will be set on their own ddis.

I prefer to take the majority of my calls - can I just put them through to you when I am busy?

Yes of course. Some companies do prefer to manage their own calls personally and use our services for overflow or 'when busy' calls. You can set your divert on your phone to divert to us when busy or engaged very easily.

I prefer to deal with my calls at the end of the day - how do I get notified of my call details?

We notify you of each and every call ( apart from unwanted marketing calls ) via text and email the minute they have been dealt with by us. Alternatively we can simply send you a call log at the end of each day with a list of all calls and messages so you can call back at your own convenience.

Will my clients know that you are a telephone answering company?

No, this is very unlikely to happen. We try to eliminate any give away signs that you may usually get from a call answering company. For example, we ensure only the same 1-3 people answer your business calls, we do not type any messages whilst speaking to your customers which can often be heard, we are also very friendly and personal with each caller and never rush anyone off the phone.

Is there a delay when the call is diverted to you?

No. If the divert is set to divert straight through to us then this will seamlessly go through to us within a second.

Will you give me a number that I can use as my own?

We would always recommend using your own numbers as this way you are not tied to us in any way. We can of course supply you with an 01206 number free of charge if required. We can also supply free phone 0800, 0845 and local geographical numbers such as 0207.

I have an 0845 and 0800 number - can I divert this through to you?

Yes. You can divert almost any number. You will need to speak to your number supplier in some cases but it is usually a 2 second job setting up the divert.

So why shouldnt I just employ my own receptionist?

We are not here to cause any staff cuts or job losses. If you already have a receptionist then we can act as your overflow call answering solutions. It is very surprising how many calls companies do not realise they are missing each day through their phones being busy. This is potential new customers that are being missed. If you do not currently have a receptionist then we are the ideal solution. We can do everything a receptionist would do in your office but without the big overheads.

I answer my calls from my mobile at present, why is your service better than this?

The first impression you give is often the most important one. Would you be happy calling a company to hand over your hard earned money to find it is answered from a mobile phone? By using a service such as ours, it is proven that your customer retention as well as new customers will increase. We often hear from new clients callers how much more professional their company sounds since switching to us.

Can I choose how my calls are answered?

Yes. We can answer your calls exactly how you want them answered. On joining us, we go through a list of items with you, one of them being how you would like your calls answered. A typical example is..."good morning, ( your company name ), Gemma speaking, how may I help?

What is included in the free trial?

The Free trial includes up to 7 days free usage of our service, or 30 calls ( whichever ends first ). There are no obligations or tie ins. If you decide you do not want to join after he free trial, just let us know and that is it!. We will not chase or pester you whatsoever.

How quickly can I be up and running with this service?

Very quickly. In fact we can have you up and running within around 30 minutes of your initial enquiry if you like. Set up is quick and simple. You can find the application form at

I need prices and other general info given out to my callers, can this be done?

Yes, no problem. We are often asked to do a little more than just basic message taking. This can include giving out your prices, product information and much more. We have a spreadsheet and automatic screen pop up ready for all your calls with all the information you give us. This information is studied in house by your PA's beforehand to ensure we fully understand each of your items, products.

What happens to my calls after hours?

We can offer 2 options here. We have an automated personalised voice mail for your company that will automatically send you a WAV audio file of any messages left after hours. Alternatively, we can now also offer live out of hours 24/7 call answering for basic message taking.

I need a new phone number for my business, can you supply me with this?

Yes, no problem. We can offer 0800, local geographical such as 0207 or your local calling code numbers.

Will my callers get suspicious if they are told the same thing each time they try to reach me?

If they are told the same thing then yes this could look a little odd. At PA2GO we vary the reasons from things like " Im sorry, Mr Smith is not available at the moment" to other varieties such as " Mr Smith is currently in a meeting with a client, can I ask him to call you back when he is free? ". We can go through these with you at the start. Sometimes you may prefer your own reasons which you can let us know either beforehand or on the day. We are very flexible here.

I need some important callers to be put through to me directly…can this be done?

Call patching come as standard with PA2GO. We can take your call, put them on hold for a few seconds, connect to your mobile or landline, check you are happy to take the call , then simply patch them through quickly and seamlessly.

What happens if my calls go over my allowance at the end of the month?

We will always contact you prior to this happening if we think your call allowance will be reached. Should you decide to continue, then we simply charge per extra call taken over and above your allowance.

Will my callers think they have called a call centre?

Not with PA2GO!!! We have taken extreme care to ensure we do not ever give the impression of a call centre, mainly because that is not what we are. Our offices are soundproofed and carefully designed to give the very best privacy for each PA. We even go into the finer details such as, no typing when on a call. There are also many other factors such as the fact that your callers will only ever reach the same 1-4 PA's depending on the size of your business and how many PA's you will need allocated to your calls.

How do I divert my phone lines?

This is very simple, for most providers see the instruction below for an idea of how it works.

Press the * key
Enter one of these codes:
* 21 to divert all calls.

* 61 to divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds.

*67 to divert calls when your phone is engaged.

Press the * key again

Where would I divert my phone lines to?

Once set up, we then issue you with a unique local rate number to divert your calls to. This number is set up on our clever little system to flag up and populate your PA's screens with your company info each time it receives a call.

Am I tied into long contracts if I join PA2GO?

We do not believe in long contract here at PA2GO. The way we see it, if your happy with the service then you will stay with it. The only thing we do ask on the call plans is that we are given 2 months notice if you decide to cancel your service.

Can I try the service before I make a decision?

Yes of course. We are currently offering a fantastic 7 days free trial of the services.

What is the cost?

Cost really depends on how many calls you are likely to receive each month. They start as low as just 0.75 pence per call, with call plans starting at just £30 per month. We also offer a pay as you go option for even more flexibility.