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Let us support your growing business

Whatever type of admin support you need for your organisation, you can always rely on PA2GO around the clock.

Not only do you get the same quality of work as employing your own staff member, but it is a far more cost effective way of managing tasks that slow you down. Simply let us know when you need our help, and we’ll take care of the rest.

About our Typing service

Whether you need a copy typist or even a transcriptionist, we provide specialist PA support to ensure all your written communication is up-to-speed.

You can treat each typist as a natural extension of your company, ensuring you stay on top of all the written tasks within the business.

Some of our typist services include:

  • Email correspondence
  • Document formatting
  • Transcription of minutes, audio and video files
  • PowerPoint presentation preparation
  • Remote filing

Why do I need to outsource to a typist?

Think about how much time can be saved if you weren’t weighed down with laborious typing tasks every day. If you are starting, or growing your business, you want to focus on winning new clients and customers. By working with a professional virtual PA company like ourselves, you save time, money and can make sure your day is strictly client-orientated from start to finish.

Recent work

A small legal firm had recently secured a large client who would be supplying them with a lot of work. Their limited internal resources meant admin staff would be stretched to the limit and they turned to us for help. We allocated some of our most experienced legal typists who were able to help organise the workflow and admin procedures to support them.

The legal company was over the moon with how quickly we got to grips with understanding their business. This enabled them to concentrate on other key areas for their new client, ensuring all typed materials were timely and professional, all without spending a fortune on employing new in-house staff.

How do our typists make a difference?

Let us introduce you to our experienced typist Claire.

Claire spent a number of years working in both large and small companies, andunderstands how important her services to can be to growing businesses.

This has seen her work in a wide range of industries, gathering valuable knowledge and admin techniques that she now uses on a daily basis. She works hand-in-hand with her clients to ensure they get exactly what they need, when they need it.

She has been working with PA2GO for over 5 years, and enjoys the challenges that come with being a PA, while playing a pivotal role in the success of countless businesses.