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Improved efficiency for your business

PA2GO are a company you can trust to provide a truly professional service to support your business.

Our personal assistants are available to help you on a range of tasks. No matter what kind of back-office assistance you need, we are right by your side to help you expand and grow.

About our Outbound Calling service

From contacting clients to confirm appointments and meetings, to generating new leads and providing marketing support, our outbound calling service can play a crucial role in your business.

We help you reduce your workload and achieve your business goals. Our virtual personal assistants act as a natural extension of your brand whenever you need.

Some of our outbound calling services include:

  • Rearranging appointments
  • Meeting confirmations
  • Client follow-ups
  • Exhibition follow-ups
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing support

Why not do my own outbound calls?

As a busy business entrepreneur you want to focus on developing new opportunities and converting clients. Finding the time to make outbound calls is not easy when you are just starting out. PA2GO add specialist expertise to your business, so all the smaller tasks are managed, while you can secure new deals that are crucial to the success of the company.

Recent work

We were hired by a small recruitment company who needed to expand their reach to find new clients. Their first two years had been successful, but their resources were limited, and they could not find enough time to focus on making sales and marketing calls to generate new leads.

Once we understood what they wanted to achieve, two of our highly experienced virtual PA’s started to contact their prospects. This included both warm and cold leads. Our client was extremely happy with the results, as they were able to find a number of new, long-term clients as a result of the campaign. They now use as in an ongoing capacity, which continues to produce new clients and opportunities for them.

What makes our personal assistants so great?

Meet Caroline, a longstanding member of the PA2GO team.

She is known for being extremely calm under pressure and loves nothing more than taking on challenges that tests her abilities to the full. Caroline has exceptional organisational qualities and always puts the needs of the customer first.

A number of clients regularly return to the service and ask specifically to work with her, such is the impression she has made. Caroline is available to work with businesses of all sizes, utilising her skills and experience to the full.