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Our virtual PA’s are available around the clock to support your business by providing a wide range of tasks performed to the highest level.

Working together, PA2GO can help streamline your business procedures with cost effective assistance. Instead of getting bogged down with backroom duties, you can always rely on us anytime you need.

About our Transcription service

Using our comprehensive transcription service will save you time and money. We ensure complete confidentially and that all documentation is securely handled by our team of professional transcriptionists.

Thanks to our flexible approach, we can complete important projects to short deadlines, so you are always on top of your workload.

Some of our transcription services include:

  • Audio and visual transcription
  • Transcribers with specific industry experience
  • Fast turnaround times
  • High levels of quality control
  • Cost effective and accurate

Why do I need to outsource to a transcriptionist?

As a busy entrepreneur, you know that time equals money. This is especially true when trying to get a new business off the ground. Transcribing a document is a specialised skill, and without years of experience it can take a lot of time out of your day to complete it. PA2GO have a host of highly experienced transcribers that will ensure the text is accurate and perfectly formatted, while you get on with other important areas of the business.

Recent work

We recently worked with a new solicitor firm started by two experienced professionals who were starting their own new business. They already had a number of clients but needed reliable transcribers who could convert audio recordings into text for a number of ongoing cases.

After speaking with them about their requirements, we assigned an experienced legal transcriber to their company. It enabled our client to concentrate on doing the other work required for the case, without having to worry about transcribing large amounts of recorded interviews. They were delighted with the accuracy and fast turnaround times and we have since gone on to help them on a number of key cases.

What makes our transcribers so special?

Say hello to Mandy, one of our specialist transcribers.

After studying and qualifying as a medical transcriber, Mandy spent over 10 years working for one of the world’s largest healthcare companies.

Since joining PA2GO, she has been able to offer her transcribing experience and expertise to countless small businesses around the UK.

Her exceptional standards and professionalism has seen her provide invaluable guidance to medical companies, and she has established herself as the go-to PA for a number of organisations.