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Website chat management. Let us answer your general web chat enquiries ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity.

Be comforted that all your web chat enquiries are picked up and dealt with whilst you are on the go or busy.

Web Chat Management

With so much money spent on developing and optimising your website to attract new customers, making the most of the opportunities it presents is vitally important. Web chat software is a powerful tool that puts in you in direct contact with potential buyers – but if you are too busy to deal with new enquiries it can come at a high cost to your business.

PA2GO’s Web Chat Management service enables your business to promptly deal with any questions posed by visitors to increase your chances of converting warm leads into sales. Our friendly personal assistants will be presented as an extension of your own company, providing the high standards of service your customers expect.

  • Multiple service levels: You tell us how many hours you require assistance for and we can be available at any time during the day
  • Lead conversion: We help to increase sales opportunities by ensuring every chat initiated by visiting customersare dealt with quickly and effectively
  • Flexible approach: No matter what web chat software you use, we can adapt to any format that suits your preference
  • UK based: All of our virtual PA’s are UK based delivering high levels of verbal and written communication to your customers
  • Fast communication: Details of important enquiries are passed onto you immediately allowing you to quickly follow up to speak with the prospect
  • Brand reputation: Develop a reputation for excellent customer service and increase the level of visitors and enquiries to your website
  • Set criteria: You control the questions and script used by our PA’s so you get all the sales information you need to help close the deal
  • Best practice: Years of experience in the PA industry has enabled us to develop highly successful techniques we are happy to share to help your business
Web Chat Management Team Member

How it works

Setting up the PA2GO Web Chat Management service is quick and easy do. There is no lengthy set-up or configuration period involved, meaning we can start dealing with enquiries almost straight away.

  • Code integration: We supply you with a small piece of code which you simply add to your website to allow us to connect with your software
  • Web chat transfer: From that point we are able to handle any enquiries you need based on the criteria and hours you designate
  • Enquiry transcript: Our PA’s immediately pass on the full details of every enquiry so you can contact the customer directly

A long term partnership

We take the time to understand how your business works and how you want us to represent your brand online. The first thing we do is to discuss your requirements at length, gathering vital information about your products and services. Our job is to integrate our Web Chat Management service into the way you operate so customers will never be able to tell the difference.

You remain in complete control at all times, enabling you to change the details of the script and way we support your business whenever you need. At PA2GO we are committed to delivering results to your business that will make a real difference and increase your sales and support.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying.

Our team is made up of professionals from all types of backgrounds including legal receptionists, entrepreneurs, business owners and more.

We pride ourselves on the consistency of our call handling and we monitor each call to check quality each day.

A recent client of ours at a well-known Laser hair removal clinic instructed us to look after her calls for her business. The owner was often busy looking after treatments, so needed a professional company to represent her and book the appointments in. This has now resulted in the owner being able to grow her business over the last 2 years using our call answering service, employing additional staff and expanding the business.